DFL-endorsed, Ann Mozey is a life-long resident of Minnesota, a small business owner, hobby farmer, and mother of three teenagers. Living in May Township, Ann celebrates the beautiful St. Croix Valley’s clean air and water, woods and wildlife every day. Ann treasures our lakes and rivers, and our county and state parks in Washington County and throughout Minnesota. The quality of our lives is directly measured by our access to a healthy environment. Ann prioritizes preserving and protecting Minnesota’s environment as she seeks a seat at the table in the Minnesota State House. If elected, Ann would fight to protect our ENVIRONMENT, invest in Minnesota’s ECONOMY (including green jobs), and fund a quality public EDUCATION for EVERYONE.

Minnesota can and must do better!

Ann is an attorney, practicing family law in Minnesota for 20 years serving families across all walks of life. Throughout her career, Ann has volunteered for Tubman offering support to women in difficult situations. Since moving to Stillwater in 2012, Ann has participated in restorative justice as a community volunteer with the Washington County Community Circles. For the second year, Ann serves as the Secretary to the Washington County Bar Association serving our community of local lawyers. A strong economy in which everyone has the opportunity to participate is the key to Minnesota’s current and long term success. As part of that success, green jobs and green energy must be a priority for meaningful mitigation of climate change. Ann believes in a fair living wage and universal health care to create the foundation for Minnesota’s thriving economy, now and in the future.

Ann believes in and is testament to the value of a quality public education, the bedrock of our democracy. Ann started out in Minneapolis Public Schools. Then and now, school closures weigh heavy on Ann. As a teenager, Ann experienced the closure of 20 public schools, including West High School. And again, as a parent, Ann experienced Stillwater’s unfortunate decision to close 3 elementary schools. Ann intimately understands the importance of both funding and managing Minnesota’s public schools where inspired careers are built. After graduating from high school, Ann graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College with a Bachelor’s degree in both English and German.  Ann completed a Master’s degree and taught German at the University of Minnesota. She then went on to complete a law degree at William Mitchell College of Law, now Mitchell Hamline College of Law.  Ann believes as a society our investment in and support of each and every child is the best way for everyone to realize their fullest potential. After all our children are counting on us to do our jobs.

This November vote for legislators who ENGAGE, EDUCATE and ENACT progressive, people-centered legislation.

Vote with your heart for DFL-endorsed candidates like your life depends on it, because it does!